Commercial Garage Doors: What Can I Choose From?

Like residential garage doors, commercial garage doors play an important role when it comes to your company or business. Keeping your commercial business and property secure is a concern for all business owners.

If you’ve got a commercial garage, storage loft or any space that needs a garage door installed you’re probably wondering what your options are.

Strength, Purpose and Aesthetic 

Sure, you want your commercial garage door to be sturdy and well crafted or manufactured. Manufacturing and mechanism specifics determine how appropriate the door in question is by way of functionality.

At the same time, when it comes to commercial garage doors, there are two situations where you could need one. The first is the standard use to cover a back exit which connects to your storage space. The second, however, is a situation where the garage space in question is also your outlet or the entrance to it, in which case, your garage door also acts as your commercial front!

Depending on what you need from your commercial garage door, here are some options!

Rolling Sheet Garage Doors

Rolling sheet garage doors are ideal for situations where you may be short on headroom or backroom. These doors are lightweight but sturdy and extremely user friendly. This makes them ideal for medium duty to extensive commercial use.

Rolling sheet garage doors are also available in a range of strengths and orders may be placed keeping in mind personal commercial security requirements. These doors are also suited to high traffic areas.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

 Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Another commercial garage door option worth considering is rolling steel garage door designs. Very similar to rolling sheet garage doors by way of operational mechanisms, these doors offer added security due to material strength.

At the same time, they’re highly suited to extensive use, promise added longevity and are ideal for low head and backroom areas.

These doors are recommended for commercial storage where items stored may be of high value. At the same time, rolling steel and sheet garage doors are not the best by way of attracting customers. Unless of course, you’re going for the urban, industrial or edgy aesthetic!

Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Sectional steel doors are a good option when you’re looking for a bit of external finesse as well as added functionality features. Where rolling steel doors may be the best by way of safety, sectional steel doors offer you the added option of insulation.

Further, though aesthetically appealing, sectional steel doors are extremely low maintenance and suited to last! These doors are ideal for spaces where temperature sensitive goods are being stored among others.

Sectional Aluminum Garage Doors

Finally, if you’ve a set up where you require extra visibility, but are still looking for the heavy duty and extensive functionality of a commercial garage door, we have sectional aluminum doors.

These doors are compatible with a modern minimalist aesthetic and are available in models with both opaque as well as transparent paneling.

The aluminum framework for these doors can be built to a range of specifications and measurements. Further, you have numerous paneling options to choose from. These doors are highly recommended for commercial outlets such as showrooms and galleries.

Winding Down

Think about what you need from your commercial garage door. Keep in mind extent of use, budget and requirements by way of design as well as functionality. Once you’re clear on what you need, the rest will be a synch! Choose from the options above and you’re good to go.

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