Difference Between Residential and Commercial Garage Door

A garage door fulfills the purpose of security and safety of vital elements, not only in residential areas but also in commercial areas. Garage doors for business purposes are vital for storing ample amounts of belongings. Many business owners use garages as their warehouses to store materials. A garage door in commercial areas is used to secure the warehouse from intruders. The best garage door installers in Royse City, TX, will help you with your residential or commercial garage door requirements.

The residential and commercial garage doors serve the same purpose, but they have some differences. Read further to get into the various differences between a residential garage door and a commercial garage door.


Commercial garage doors are bigger than residential garage doors. A residential garage door is installed based on the regular-sized cars. In comparison, commercial garage doors are available in bigger sizes to securely cover heavy machinery and offer more space to big vehicles. The best garage door installers in Royse City, TX, can suggest the best door size based on the space required.


The main difference between a residential and commercial garage door is the installation cost. Commercial garage doors need to be durable, large, and extremely secure; therefore, their installation cost is a bit more than their smaller counterparts. However, if you are looking for a robust garage door for your warehouse, keeping the installation cost aside, then it is the best choice.

The garage door repair service in Royse City, TXvaries when it comes to commercial or residential doors. The commercial garage doors hold more components than a residential door; therefore, their repairing cost varies. To keep your residential or commercial garage door in good condition, considering its repair regularly is vital.


Most homeowners consider a stylish residential garage door to increase their house’s value. It is necessary that everything is well maintained and good-looking to increase the house’s resale value. However, when it comes to commercial buildings, the garage door style is not the top priority. The main feature of a commercial garage door is its strength and extreme security. Depending on the requirements for a house or a business, the best garage door installers in Royse City, TX, will give top-notch services.

It is a personal choice to install a garage door based on your requirements. If you wish to have a stylish garage door for your warehouse, the best garage door installers in Royse City, TX, can help you with the same. In addition, if you want a basic garage door for your home, you can get various options. However, ensure that a garage door must be robust and durable for whatever purpose you are installing it. Secure your property with a long-lasting and highly functional garage door.