Five Signs Your Wood Garage Door Needs Immediate Repair

Wood garage door repair Rockwall, TX

Most of us use the garage door to enter our homes instead of the front door of the home. This means keeping the garage door functioning is extremely important. The problems tend to occur with the wood garage door as well. The best thing you can do is notice the signs your wood garage needs repair, so the repair work can be done quickly.

Below are the common signs your wood garage door needs repair;

• Cracked wood- Cracks in the wood develop because of two main reasons- either they develop because of the external force or the wood is drying out. Since the cracks are likely to expand over time due to the door movement and door vibration, it is important to repair the cracks as soon as possible before they entirely damage the garage door. The wood garage door repair company in Rockwall, TX, will either patch the cracks or fill the cracks. If the cracks are bigger, the damaged section must be replaced.

• Damaged hardware- The damaged hardware will interrupt the functioning of the garage door. The common hardware issues include loose hinges, poorly aligned latches, and wobbly roller wheels. Most of the hardware issues occur as the garage door ages, and the wood begins to shrink. In such cases, the hardware needs to be replaced before the damaged hardware begins to damage the door.

• Rot symptoms- As the door ages, the mold starts to develop on the door. Check the affected area on the wood. If the garage door panel is damaged, there is no option left other than replacing the affected panel of the garage door.

• Peeling paint- Paint on the wood provide a protective layer between the door panel and external elements like water, wind, UV rays, etc. As the paint begins to deteriorate on the door, moisture begins to seep into the wood garage door, leading to rot. Once it is done, replacement may be the only option left in front of the homeowners.

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