Garage Door Services Lavon, TX

The humidity levels in Lavon, TX are unmatched in the rest of the state; sitting at 64% all year round. This proves to be especially bad for your garage door.

High humidity ratios can wreak havoc on your garage door’s shape, often in the form of rust. This leads to speedy breakdowns. Even if you have the door painted over, the parts grinding against each other will cause the paint to peel off over time.

Hence, regular garage door maintenance and keeping up with a proper repair schedule is essential. If you don’t do so, your garage door will most likely break down many times a year. While keeping your garage door in top-notch condition may not be at the top of your to-do list, we here at Your Garage Door Guys provide premium garage repair and installation services to make it easier for you. No matter how harsh the weather is, we will work on keeping your garage door flawless all year round.

Round-the-Clock Garage Door Repair Services in Lavon, TX

Your Garage Door Guys has a team of garage door repair experts, who are available round the clock. We pride ourselves in being the garage door emergency contact for many Lavon resident should they run into a garage door mishap. We don’t want any Lavon local inconvenienced because of a faulty garage door that can be easily repaired. We make sure your malfunctioning garage door is back to operating safely and smoothly by the time we’re done fixing it.

Garage Door Opener Repair/Installation

Do you have an old-fashioned garage door that you have to operate manually? Installing a garage door opener can save you a lot of trouble. We know what a chore opening a garage door manually is, especially after a tiring day. This is why we offer professional garage door opener installation and repair services in Lavon, TX.

Garage Door Spring Repair/Replacement

Springs are they backbone of your garage door’s lift system. They’re responsible for opening the garage door smoothly and securely every time. The tension created by the springs is what leads to the door being opened. But this can also cause the springs to break down easily. If your garage door springs are broken, call us over to have a look.

Are you looking for garage door repair/installation services in Lavon, TX? Call us today to book an appointment!