Garage Door Services Plano, TX

Plano, TX, hosts some 259,841 residents, many of whom have garages as an essential part of their houses. While garages serve their purpose, a faulty one is liable to cause injuries.

Your Garage Door Guys ensure that your garage door in Plano, TX  is repaired and maintained to perfection in order to make them secure, safe, and sturdy for a long time.

Our technicians are experienced and skilled in the field, having looked after and repaired garage doors all over Texas. We work not only to ascertain that a garage door is in great working condition, but also to make sure it looks great and complements the rest of the house.

There is no greater menace than a malfunctioning garage door. While a squeak or an issue with a garage door’s alignment should be reason enough for you to pick up your phone and give Your Garage Door Guys a call, it’s best to have your garage door get a tune-up from time to time just to ensure that there’s no room for error, incident, or accident.

People are commonly injured while trying to make a faulty garage door work or mending it DIY style. Many of these injuries are caused by:

A Falling Door: A garage door that malfunctions might fall at any moment and seriously injure you.

Fingers Caught Between Joints/Rollers/Entrapment: Sometimes people get their fingers caught between joints, which results in avulsions and amputations. Rollers and tracks can also entrap your fingers and inflict serious damage.

Cut on a Sharp Edge: Sharp edges that aren’t properly tended to can cause lacerations.

A Broken Door: A broken door can cause a number of injuries both minor and major. It is best not to operate a broken door.

Malfunctioning Spring: A garage door is fitted with springs which when they stop working properly, can cause a number of accidents.

Safety should be a priority when installing a new garage door or when repairing an old one. Here at Your Garage Door Guys, we treat our clients’ safety as a prime motivator and leave no space for shortcomings.

Our most popular garage doors come from the stunning and sturdy Amarr collection which produces garage doors for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

A well-rounded and all-encompassing garage door firm, we have been in business since 1998 and strive to serve the same high quality service which we offered back in the day.

Time to Transform Your Plane Plano Garage Door!

Get your outdated garage door replaced by a new one or your malfunctioning door repaired by experts today. Your Garage Door Guys provide safe, reliable, and customer friendly services in Plano, TX.