Garage Door Services Richardson, TX

Garage doors are more commonplace than people commonly assume them to be: 80% of all Americans use a garage, which only proves how everyday and essential these apertures have become. And where there’s demand from the masses for something, there’s supply in story:

Your Garage Door Guys in Richardson, TX, have been meeting people’s garage door demands and requirements for quite some time now, and have always left a string of satisfied customers behind in trail.

At Your Garage Door Guys, we believe in durable material and superior quality that together makes a garage door long lasting and secure. Safety is among our top priorities and we ensure that our torsion spring adjustments and door reinforcements are nothing less than perfect. Brand new garage doors of the highest quality can be installed from Your Garage Door Guys—and don’t miss out on the amazing Amarr collection which is so popular with our customers!

Damaged Door but Not Enough For An Installation?

Sometimes all a garage door needs is repair as opposed to a full-fledged new door installation. Your Garage Door Guys cover all sorts of maintenance, repairs, and services that an old but salvageable garage door might need. Our technicians are skilled at taking care of all defects and malfunctions a garage door might face.

When Your Garage Door Might Be In Need Of Repair

The problems with a garage door are both heard and seen—here’s how you can tell if you need to get in touch with Your Garage Door Guys to get yours repaired:

  • Your door is being loud and making noises/sounds you’ve never heard before.
  • You are unable to lift your door on your own. While an automatic door obviously lifts itself up, it can be also be lifted manually. If you’re unable to do that, this indicates an issue with the springs.
  • Your door is not responding as quickly as it used to. This might either indicate to a malfunction in the remote control or some other minor issue.
  • Your door is losing alignment. This is usually a sign of a door that has come off track, and requires immediate attention since it is a dangerous situation and makes you prone to injury.
  • You’re seeing a surge in your bills. If the rest of your house continues to function smoothly and there’s still an inexplicable hike in your electricity bills, then you might want to get your garage door inspected since it might be what’s causing the pull up in energy.

Your Garage Door Guys Provide Installations, Repairs, and More

New doors that need installing and old ones that need repair both come under the forte of Your Garage Door Guys in Richardson, TX. We also specialize in a number of technical services such as spring adjustments, repairing off track doors, and more. Get in touch with us today to get your old garage door working like a new one—or to have a new one installed for maximum efficiency!