Signs Your Garage Door Could Use Repairs

Signs Your Garage Door Could Use Repairs

A garage door doesn’t just serve a utilitarian purpose; it also takes up the majority of your home’s façade. A report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states that around 80% of American homeowners have a garage in their home. As the average garage door continues to function well for the most part of its lifespan, many homeowners forget to conduct routine inspections of their garage doors to check if anything’s wrong.

Used almost every day, a faulty or malfunctioning garage door can be a major convenience. Not only that, it can become dangerous as well. A survey from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System showed that around 13,000 people check in the hospital annually for garage door-related injuries.

Look out for these warning signs that indicate your garage door needs repairs.

The Door Isn’t Opening or Closing

This is an obvious sign: if your garage door refuses to open or close when you press the control buttons, then something’s wrong. There could be many reasons why your garage door might be failing to function properly; from some defect in the control panel to the door itself malfunctioning.

It’s Taking Too Long to Respond

A slow response time is another indicator that something’s amiss with your garage door. Ideally, the garage door should open or close within a few seconds after your command. It should also open and close smoothly, without any hitches or delays. If it’s being unusually slow to respond, get it checked.

Strange Noises

If your garage door is relatively old, some machine whirring noises are to be expected. However, if you hear any sort of grating, grinding, banging, rattling, straining, or any other unusual noise, it could be a sign of a defective garage door.

Strange Noises

The Door Has Come Off the Tracks

Another obvious sign that something’s up with your garage door is when the door comes off the side tracks. A normally functioning garage door will operate within the sides of the garage door. But if it comes off, it’s time to call in a professional.

Some Sections are Sagging

Routine garage door maintenance includes conducting balancing checks on the door biannually. If some panels on your garage door are sagging, the door won’t be properly balanced. A sagging garage door could be a sign of something deeper. Get it checked to find out.

Choose a Professional Garage Door Company

Have you noticed a few or all of these warning signs manifest in your garage door? Then there’s some trouble brewing. If you reside in Nevada, Fate, Lavon, Rockwall, or other parts of Texas, give us a call at Your Garage Door Guys for speedy garage door repair services.