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Garage doors are assembled with many different moving parts, no different than the care you drive every day. Moving parts eventually wear out and break down with time, especially without regular garage door maintenance  If you notice a difference with the performance of the garage door or opener, if you notice the motor is having a difficult time pushing or pulling the door, or possibly sticking of the door, you may need to contact a professional garage door company to do the needed repairs, this could prevent unnecessary damage to other parts of the garage door or even the garage door opener.

With 30+ years of experience providing garage door repair services, you can trust Your Garage Door Guys to repair your garage door quickly in order to not have your daily routine interrupted.

Broken Garage Door Springs

A broken garage door spring is one of the most frequent problems  you will face.

Garage Doors are installed with springs that are rated on life cycle.  If your garage door has standard springs, usually 10,000 cycle springs, you can expect the springs to last between 7-10 years of normal usage.  If you garage door spring is broken rest assured we can replace your spring with standard cycle or even a higher life cycle spring that could last upwards of 55 years with normal door usage.

Garage Door Openers Repairs

Garage Door openers have many different parts inside fo the motor housing. Almost every part is replaceable, providing it is cost effective. Garage Door opener problems vary between the external remote, the receiver, or internal parts. Whatever the cause with your garage door opener not working, we’ll get it “moving” again.


Does your garage door open but sound squeak or sound like it is grinding as it rolls through the track? Does the door shake or bounce on the way down or up? Faulty rollers can cause the door to bend or even crack as the door is too stiff to roll smoothly through the track.  Often Garage Door rollers are a simple plastic or steel roller that easily causes friction instead of a smooth rolling. In todays time, manufactures have come out with a nylon ball bearing roller that will last the life of the door. Which we carry on the truck and can install any time.


The hinge’s hold one panel to the next allowing the panels to roll through the radius of the track.  If the hinges are worn out, they will likely become stiff or even black and will often squeak. This can cause the door to bind as it moves up or down. Binding causes the door to come off of the track or the cable to slip off the torsion assembly.  Replacing the hinges is a common service that we provide to increase the life of the door and is very cheap compared to a new door.

Outdated Part Replacement

Have you been told that they don’t make that part or a door like that any more?  Older parts are still sometimes available, but when they are no longer available, our technicians with over 30+ years of experience know how to do the necessary repairs keeping your door in operation for years to come.  Often we are able to fabricate parts on the job or what parts will translate on the old unit as long as it is safe to do so.

Panel Replacement

Improper installation of garage doors can create unusual stress and cracks on the doors. Another common issue is when the door is in motion, homeowners will back into the garage door. This could cause the panels to bend or pop out of the track.  Your Garage Door Guys has been In the industry for more than 30+ years and can identify just about every garage door manufacture and design sold. We are often able to fix or replace just the broken panel without replacing the entire door.

Garage Door Maintenance 

Garage door manufacturing companies recommend servicing your garage door twice a year. This could be done on your own with some simple silicone lube and a few adjustments. Feel free to call us and we could walk you through it on the phone. If you are wanting a professional to do the maintenance, Your Garage Door Guys would be more than happy to come out and inspect your doors and motors and do the necessary adjustments, lubrication, and 10 point safety inspection for your safety and the doors. Your Garage Door Guys know the secret to functional garage doors is regular maintenance and fast, speedy repairs. Whatever you need – repairs, installation, new installations, or even simple panel change outs – we want to be a part of the story. Call today for more information.

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